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We provide free academic communication support for students, faculty, staff and alumni. We offer tutoring for individuals and groups, workshops, in-class presentations, and online support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Virtual appointments are available:

  • Our regular tutoring schedule for the Winter semester starts January 6, 2021

  • Please contact [email protected] if you need support

Virtual Appointments

You can choose eTutoring or Online Tutoring appointments in WCOnline, the Writing Centre’s electronic tutoring tool.


If you choose an eTutoring appointment, upload your paper after making your appointment. Then, watch your email for notification that your appointment has been modified or that someone has responded to your paper.

Online tutoring

If you choose an online appointment, log back into the WCOnline website approximately five to ten minutes before the start of your appointment. Then, open your in appointment from WCOnline schedule and click "Start or Join Online Consultation."

Using WCOnline for Virtual Appointments

We’ve prepared a short video to help you navigate the WCOnline appointment booking process:


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Need help planning a paper, or tips for taking notes? Search our database of handouts, printable worksheets, style guides, links to online tools, and more.

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Faculty & Staff Support

Contact us to request a confidential consultation, access resources for incorporating writing instruction into your courses, or book an in-class workshop.

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